/gruv / (say groohv)

1. a furrow or channel cut by a tool.
2. a rut, furrow, or channel formed by any agency.
3. a fixed routine: to get into a groove.
4. the track of a gramophone record in which the needle or stylus rides.
5. Colloquial an exciting or satisfying experience.
6. a rhythm or beat: a funky groove.
verb (grooved, grooving)
verb (t)
7. to cut a groove in; furrow.
8. to fix in a groove.
verb (i) Colloquial
9. to be in a state of euphoria.
10. to dance or listen to music: groove to some original tunes.
phrase Colloquial
11. groove on, to be delighted or pleased with.
12. in the groove,
a. giving one's best performance, as in music (especially jazz), sport, etc.
b. competently or steadily engaged in an activity: my work was rough at the start but I'm in the groove now.
{Middle English grofe, groof mining shaft, Old English grōf ditch, sewer; related to grave1, grave3}
grooved, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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